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Michigan Department of State - Bureau of Elections
2004 Michigan Presidential Caucus Results
Presidential Primary Filing Deadline 12/12/03, Democratic Caucuses: 2/7/04, Presidential GOP Primary: 2/24/04 canceled, Filing Deadline: 5/11/04, Independent & New Party & Presidential Filing Deadline: 7/15/04, Primary Write-in Deadline: 7/30/04, Primary: 8/3/04, Write-in Deadline: 10/29/04,
List of State Parties,
President, 46.1% in '00, 1st term, Polls
U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry (D) 51.69%,
ex-Gov. Howard Dean (D) 16.57%, U.S. Sen. John R. Edwards (D) 13.45%, Rev. Alfred C. "Al" Sharpton (D) 6.92%, ex-NATO commander General Wesley K. Clark (retired) (D) 6.74%, U.S. Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D) 3.18%, U.S. Rep. Richard A. "Dick" Gephardt (D) 0.58%, U.S. Sen. Joseph L. Lieberman (D) 0.42%, uncommitted 0.29%, ex-U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley-Braun (D) 0.1%, write-in 0.06%,
George W. "Dubya" Bush (R) Green Party Nominee
Libertarian Party Nominee
Natural Law Party Nominee
Reform Party Nominee
Taxpayers Party Nominee
1st Congressional District,
Bart T. Stupak (D), businessman / '02 nominee Don Hooper (R), machinist John W. Loosemore (L),
nuclear engineer David J. Newland (G),
2nd Congressional District,
former Kucinich national field director Kimon Kotos (D), Peter Hoekstra (R), '00 nominee medical examiner Ronald E. Graeser (T),
state party vice chair Steve Van Til (L),
3rd Congressional District,
Peter H. Hickey (D), Vernon J. Ehlers (R), Warren Adams (L),
Marcel J. Sales (T),
Tyler Michaels (I),
4th Congressional District,
restaurant owner Michael R. "Huck" Huckleberry (D), David "Dave" Lee Camp (R), '02 nominee Al Chia, Jr. (L)
5th Congressional District,
Dale E. Kildee (D), state nursing board member / ex-police officer Myrah Kirkwood (R), '00 & '02 nominee / disk jockey Clint Foster (L),
retired state employee / '02 nominee Harley Mikkelson (G),
Rick Gualdoni (T)?,
6th Congressional District,
art gallery owner Scott Elliott (D), Stephen Frederick "Fred" Upton (R), physician '96, '98 & '00 nominee Erwin J. Haas (L),
businessman Randall "Randy" MacPhee (G),
W. Denis FitzSimons (T),
7th Congressional District, Nick Smith (R) retiring after 6th term,
paralegal / organic farmer Sharon Marie Renier (D) 52.2%, paramedic Douglas Wilson (D) 24.3%, consultant Drew Walker (D) 23.5%, ex-St. Sen. / '02 Gov. candidate John "Joe" Schwarz (R) 27.8%, attorney Bradley Smith (R) 22.5%, ex-St. Rep. Tim Walberg (R) 17.5%, St. Rep. Clark Bisbee (R) 14.0%, St. Rep. Gene DeRossett (R) 11.4%, ex-St. Rep. Paul DeWeese (R) 6.7%, auto worker / '92 '94 '98 & '02 nominee Kenneth L. "Ken" Proctor (L),
computer programmer David Horn (T),
tutor / ex-businessman Jason Seagraves (G),
8th Congressional District,
prof. Robert D. "Bob" Alexander (D) 59.4%, radio journalist Matthew Leighton "Matt" Ferguson (D) 40.6%, Michael "Mike" J. Rogers (R), musical instrument maker Will Tyler White (L),
cable talk show host / '98 Reform Party Congressional nominee / '00 Taxpayers Party Senate nominee / '02 Reform Party Senate nominee John S. Mangopoulos (T),
9th Congressional District,
attorney Steven W. Reifman (D) 61.1%, businessman / '00 Republican nominee Bart Baron (D) 38.9%, Joseph Knollenberg (R), chemical engineer / '02 nominee Robert W. Schubring (L),
10th Congressional District,
Rob Casey (D), Candice S. Miller (R), Phoebe A. Basso (L),
11th Congressional District,
union president Phillip S. Truran (D) 68.4%, professional matchmaker '00 & '02 candidate Mario Nesr "Mario Fundaro" Fundarski (D) 31.6%, Thaddeus G. "Thad" McCotter (R), Charles L. Basso, Jr. (L),
Jim Dunn (T)?,
technology Consultant Abdullah Haydar (I)?,
12th Congressional District,
Sander M. "Sandy" Levin (D), Randell J. Shafer (R), '00 & '02 nominee / marijuana activist Richard Carl "Dick" Gach (L),
'02 nominee Steven T. Revis (T)?,
13th Congressional District,
Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D), Cynthia Cassell (R), Eric Gordon (L),
attorney Thomas Lavign (G),
Gary Kucharski (T)?,
14th Congressional District,
John Conyers Jr. (D), Veronica Pedraza (R), Michael L. Donahue (L),
Wilbert "Will" Sears (T),
teacher Lisa Weltman (G),
15th Congressional District,
John D. Dingell (D), Dawn Anne Reamer (R), '02 nominee Gregory S. "Greg" Stempfle (L),
Mike Eller (T),
teacher / consultant Hans C. Masing (I)?,

1. Key to Michigan Political Parties:
(AR) = American Reform Party
(Com) = Communist Party
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(IA) = Independent American Party
(Labor) = Labor Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NL) = Natural Law Party
(P) = Patriot Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party
(S) = Socialist Party
(SEP) = Socialist Equality Party
(SW) = Socialist Workers Party
(T) = Taxpayers Party
(WW) = Workers World Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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