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Kentucky State Board of Elections
2003 Statewide Primary Results
Primary Filing Deadline: 1/28/03, Primary: 5/20/03, 3rd Parties & Independents Deadline: 8/12/03, Write-In Filing Deadline 10/27/03
Predictions, Notes, List of State Parties,
Governor, Paul E. Patton (D) barred from third term, Current Polls
Attorney General A.B. "Ben" Chandler III (D) 50.2%, St. House Speaker Jody Richards (D) 46.5%, businessman Otis Hensley Jr. (D) 3.3%, health care entrepreneur W. Bruce Lunsford (D) withdrew U.S. Rep. Ernest "Ernie" Fletcher (R) 57.3%, Co. Exec. Rebecca Jackson (R) 27.8%, St. Rep. Stephen R. Nunn (R) 13.4%, St. Sen. Virgil Moore (R) 1.5%, actor Sonny Landham (I), '99 nominee / attorney marijuana activist Gatewood Galbraith (Rfm), farm activist Wendell Berry (G), Jeffrey Loren Hillebrandt (WI),
Lt. Governor, Tied with Gov.,
businessman / '94 Congressional candidate / '98 Senate candidate Charlie Owen (D) 50.2%, Jefferson Co. Circuit Court Clerk Tony Miller (D) 46.5%, Richard Robbins (D) 3.3%, Barbara B. Edelman (D) withdrew, U.S. Attorney Stephen B. Pence (R) 57.3%, businessman Robbie Rudolph (R) 27.8%, ex-St. Rep. Bob Heleringer (R) 13.4%, GOP activist / ex- secret service agent / '95 St. Auditor nominee / '00 Congressional nominee Don Bell (R) withdrew 1.5%, electrical engineer / '00 & '02 Congressional GOP candidate Roger Thoney (I),
Secretary of State, John Y. Brown III (D) barred from re-election,
Jefferson Co. Comm'r. Russ Maple (D) 43.1%, St. Rep. H. "Gippy" Graham (D) 39.6%, realtor J. "Joe B." Lanter (D) 17.2%, attorney C. Merwin "Trey" Grayson, III (R),
Attorney General, A.B. "Ben" Chandler III (D) barred from re-election and running for Gov.,
St. Rep. Gregory D. Stumbo (D) 36.4%, St. Auditor Edward Bryan Hatchett, Jr. (D) 34.1%, ex-Att. Gen. / '98 Congressional nominee Chris Gorman (D) 29.4%, attorney / ex-judge Jack D. Wood (R) 38.7%, attorney / '02 St. Rep. candidate / '00 St. Sen. candidate Philip C. Kimball (R) 30.9%, St. Rep. Timothy E. Feely (R) 30.4%,
Jonathan Miller (D), Kenton Co. Comm'r. Adam Koenig (R),
Auditor, Edward Bryan Hatchett, Jr. (D) barred from re-election,
ex-gubernatorial aide Eugenia Crittenden Blackburn "Crit" Luallen (D) 43.8%, prof. Jim Glenn (D) 27.6%, ex-city auditor Michael Wayne Gayhart (D) 28.6%, '02 Co. clerk nominee / UPS manager Linda Greenwell (R) 40.4%, '99 Gov. nominee / PR executive Peppy Martin (R) 26.0%, businesswoman Basha Cannon Roberts (R) 20.3%, transportation dept. attorney Osi Onyekwuluje (R) 13.3%,
Agriculture Commissioner, Billy Ray Smith (D) barred from re-election,
Commission on Family Farms member Alice Woods Baesler (D) 22.5%, St. Sen. Joey Pendleton (D) 18.8%, farmer / ex-Dept. of Ag. officer Barney Hornback (D) 16.6%, St. Deputy Sec. Roy A. Massey (D) 11.1%, farmer / educator Steve Meredith (D) 10.4%, 1995 primary candidate Glen D. Holbrook (D) 9.8%, ex-RR comm'r. Jimmy "Gabe" Turner (D) 5.9%, consultant T.E. "Beck" Beckham (D) 4.9%, ex-Univ. of KY basketball player / financial planner Richie Farmer (R) 79.1%, '87 Governor candidate / '91 nominee truck & tractor show promoter Leonard W. "Buck" Beasley (R) 20.9%,

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Bold indicates incumbent. Yellow district indicates open races.

3. Key to Kentucky Political Parties:
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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