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North Carolina State Board of Elections
2002 North Carolina Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 9/10/02,
List of State Parties,
Senator, 52.6% in '96, Jesse Helms (R) retiring after 4th term,
ex-White House Chief of Staff Erskine B. Bowles (D) 43.5%, ex-St. House Speaker Daniel T. "Dan" Blue Jr. (D) 28.7%, Sec. of St. Elaine Marshall (D) 15.2%, ex-Durham City Councilwoman Cynthia D. Brown (D) 4.4%, '00 Republican Congressional candidate Albert Lee Wiley, Jr. (D) 2.0%, Duke Underwood (D) 1.6%, retired poster worker David E. Tidwell (D) 1.6%, '00 Gubernatorial candidate Bob Ayers (D) 1.9%, businessman Randolph 'Randy' Crow (D) 1.1%, ex-Transportation Sec. Elizabeth Dole (R) 80.4%, attorney James E. "Jim" Snyder, Jr. (R) 14.2%, Dr. Jim Parker (R) 2.1%, Dr. Ada Fisher (R) 1.4%, insurance agent Douglas Sellers (R) 0.9%, chemist Timothy "Tim" Cook (R) 0.6%, Dr. Venkat R. "Ven" Challa (R) 0.4%, state party exec. dir. Sean Newton Haugh (L), Norio Kushi (NL/WI), pilot Paul DeLancey (G/WI),
1st Congressional District, 65.5% in '00, Eva McPherson Clayton (D) retiring after 5th term
St. Sen. Frank W. Ballance, Jr. (D) 46.4%, businessman Sam Davis (D) 25.7%, ex-U.S. Attorney Janice McKenzie Cole (D) 18.3%, Dr. Christine L. Fitch (D) 9.6%, security consultant Greg Dority (R), Michael Corey Ruff (L),
2nd Congressional District, 58.1% in '00, 3rd term,
Bobby Etheridge (D), consultant Joseph L. Ellen (R), Gary J. Minter (L),
3rd Congressional District, 61.4% in '00, 4th term,
No Democrat Walter B. Jones Jr. (R), William G. "Gary" Goodson (L),
4th Congressional District, 61.7% in '00, 3rd / 7th term,
David E. Price (D), Tuan A. Nguyen (R), Kenneth W. Nelson (L),
5th Congressional District, 92.8% in '00, 4th term,
teacher David Crawford (D), Richard M. Burr (R), Thomas A. "Tom" Bailey (L),
6th Congressional District, 91.2% in '00, 9th term
No Democrat Howard Coble (R), Tara Sue Grubb (L),
7th Congressional District, 69.6% in '00, 3rd term
Mike McIntyre (D), retiree / '00 nominee James R. Adams (R) 55.3%, Raymond R. Brown (R) 44.7%, Thomas Lavern "Tom" Howe (L),
8th Congressional District, 55.4% in '00, 2nd term,
attorney Chris Kouri (D) 47.3%, attorney / ex-St. Rep. William O. "Billy" Richardson (D) 32.5%, attorney Tripp Helms (D) 12.6%, judge Raymond A. "Ray" Warren (D) withdrew and re-enetered 7.6%, Robert C. "Robin" Hayes (R), Mark Andrew Johnson (L),
9th Congressional District, 68.0% in '00, 4th term,
'00 nominee / professor / ex-cable company executive Ed McGuire (D), Sue Myrick (R), '00 nominee / Rev. Christopher S. Cole (L),
10th Congressional District, 68.1% in '00, 8th term
businessman / ex-GOPer Ronnie Daugherty (D), T. Cass Ballenger (R), Christopher M. Hill (L),
11th Congressional District, 54.9% in '00, 6th term
attorney / '00 nominee D. Samuel "Sam" Neill (D), Charles H. Taylor (R), Eric W. Henry (L),
12th Congressional District, 64.7% in '00, 5th term,
Melvin Watt (D) 84.7%, businesswomen / educator Kimberly "Kim" Holley (D) 15.3%, businessman Jeff Kish (R), Carey S. Head (L),
13th Congressional District
North Carolina Will Gain a Congressional District Due to Reapportionment
St. Sen. Brad Miller (D) 40.1%, ex-U.S. Rep. Charles Robin Britt (D) 24.5%, St. Sen. William N. "Bill" Martin (D) 14.6%, ex-state party chair / ex-St. Sen. E. Lawrence Davis, III (D) 12.5%, businessman Gene Gay (D) 4.4%, attorney / '00 Lt. Gov. candidate Ronnie Ansley (D) 3.9%, ex-chamber of commerce president Carolyn Grant (R) 38.6%, NC Tobacco Growers Assoc. VP Graham Boyd (R) 37.8%, businessman Paul Smith (R) 23.6%, Alexander B. "Alex" MacDonald (L),

1. Key to North Carolina Political Parties:
(D) = Democratic Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NL) = Natural Law Party
(R) = Republican Party

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