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Michigan Department of State - Bureau of Elections
2002 Michigan Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 8/6/02,
List of State Parties,
Governor, 62% in '98, 3rd term, John Engler (R) retiring,
Att. Gen. Jennifer M. Granholm (D) 48.2%, U.S. Rep. David E. Bonior (D) 27.9%, ex-Gov. / ex-U.S. Rep. / ex-Amb. James J. "Jim" Blanchard (D) 23.9%, Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus (R) 81.3%, St. Sen. John "Joe" Schwarz (R) 18.7%, engineer Douglas Campbell (G), Lemuel Tucker (I), attorney / '98 nominee Geoffrey N. Fieger (I),
Senator, 58.3% in '96, 4th term,
Carl Levin (D), St. Rep. Andrew "Rocky" Raczkowski (R), cable TV producer Eric Borregard (G), Douglas Dern (NL), '98 Reform Party Congressional nominee / '00 Taxpayers Party nominee John S. Mangopoulos (Rfm),
1st Congressional District, 58.4% in '00, 5th term
Bart T. Stupak (D), Don Hooper (R) 50.9%, retired insurance agent / ex-teacher Don Birgel (R) 49.1%, '00 nominee John W. Loosemoore (L),
2nd Congressional District, 64.4% in '00, 5th term
Jeffrey A. Wrisley (D), Peter Hoekstra (R), Laurie L. Aleck (L),
3rd Congressional District, 65.0% in '00, 5th term,
engineer Kathryn D. "Kate" Lynnes (D), Vernon J. Ehlers (R), Tom Quinn (L), Richard F. Lucey (Rfm),
4th Congressional District, 68.0% in '00, 6th term,
retired teacher / '00 nominee Lawrence D. Hollenbeck (D), David "Dave" Lee Camp (R), Al Chia, Jr. (L), college prof. Sterling Johnson (G),
5th Congressional District, 74.3% in '00 & 5th term for U.S. Rep. James A. Barcia (D) who is running for St. Sen., 61.1% in '00 & 13th term for Kildee
U.S. Rep. Dale E. Kildee (D), No Republican
public relations coordinator Thom Moffitt (R/WI) removed from ballot
'00 nominee Clint Foster (L),
6th Congressional District, 67.9% in '00, 8th term,
attorney Gary C. Giguere, Jr. (D), Stephen Frederick "Fred" Upton (R) 65.9%, St. Sen. Dale L. Shugars (R) 32.1%, Gloria Krueger Ham (R) 2.0% '00 nominee Richard M. Overton (Rfm),
7th Congressional District, 60.9% in '00, 5th term
restaurant owner Michael Simpson (D), Nick Smith (R), auto worker / '92 / '94 & '98 nominee Kenneth L. "Ken" Proctor (L),
8th Congressional District, 48.79% in '00, 1st term
Frank McAlpine (D), Michael "Mike" J. Rogers (R), Thomas Yeutter (L),
9th Congressional District, 55.7% in '00, 5th term
attorney David H. Fink (D), Joseph Knollenberg (R) 86.6%, business consultant / '00 Congressional nominee Bart Baron (R) 13.4%, chemical engineer Robert Schubring (L),
10th Congressional District, 64.2% in '00, David E. Bonior (D) running for Governor after 13th term,
Co. Prosecutor Carl J. Marlinga (D), Sec. of St. Candice S. Miller (R), college graduate Renae Coon (L),
new 11th Congressional District,
Township Supervisor Kevin F. Kelley (D), St. Sen. Thaddeus G. "Thad" McCotter (R) 68.5%, engineer David C. Hagerty (R) 31.5%, Richard Jozwiak (L),
12th Congressional District, 64.3% in '00, 10th term
Sander M. "Sandy" Levin (D) 78.8%, St. Rep. William J. Callahan (D) 18.5%, professional matchmaker '00 candidate Mario Nesr "Mario Fundaro" Fundarski (D) 2.7%, attorney Harvey R. Dean (R) 42.8%, attorney Charles Frangie (R) 30.3%, attorney Jamie Morgan (R) withdrew but name will remain on ballot 26.8%, '00 nominee / marijuana activist Richard "Dick" Gach (L),
13th Congressional District, 88.1% in '00, 3rd term
Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D), No Republican '96 & '00 nominee Raymond H. Warner (L),
14th Congressional District, 88.6% in '00, 19th term,
John Conyers Jr. (D), Dave Stone (R), Francis J. Schorr (L),
15th Congressional District, 70.8% in '00 & 24th term for Dingell, 64.7% in '00 & 4th term for Rivers
U.S. Rep. John D. Dingell (D) 58.6%, U.S. Rep. Lynn Nancy Rivers (D) 41.4%, Martin Kaltenbach (R), Gregory Stempfle (L),
2002 Michigan Convention Results
Conventions: 8/24-25/02,
Lt. Governor - Tied with Gov., Dick Posthumus (R) running for Governor
St. Sen. John Cherry (D), St. Sen. Loren Bennett (R), Adrianna Buonarotti (G),
Clara C. Pilchak (T),
Attorney General, Jennifer Granholm (D) running for Governor
St. Sen. Gary Peters (D), Wayne Co. deputy prosecutor Mike Cox (R), attorney / consumer activist Jerry J. Kaufman (G),
Gerlad Truman Van Sickle (T),
Secretary of State, Candice S. Miller (R) barred from 3rd term, running for Congress
ex-Co. Executive / attorney Melvin J. "Butch" Hollowell (D), state board of education member John Austin (D), Co. Clerk Terri Lynn Land (R), environmental activist Ray Ziarno (G),
Charles F. Conces (T),

1. Key to Michigan Political Parties
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party

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