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Indiana Secretary of State - Elections Division
2002 Indiana Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 5/7/02,
List of State Parties,
Secretary of State, Sue Ann Gilroy (R) barred from seeking re-election,
Bloomington Mayor John Fernandez (D), Deputy Sec. of St. Todd Rokita (R) 52.6%, Co. Comm'r Richard Mourdock (R) 47.8%, congressional aide Mike Delph (R), Co. Coroner John McGoff (R), software engineer / 2000 Senate nominee Paul Hager (L), '98 Senate nominee Rebecca Sink-Burris (L),
activist Tom Brown (G),
Tim Berry (R)
Connie Nass (R)
1st Congressional District, 71.6% in '00, 9th term
Peter J. Visclosky (D) 85.61%, substitute teacher / '00 Congressional candidate Ralph Spelbring (D) 14.39%, carpenter / '00 candidate Mark J. Leyva (R) 59.59%, retired naval officer / '00 Democratic candidate Cyril B. "Cy" Huerter (R) 40.41%,
2nd Congressional District, 51.6% in '00, Tim Roemer (D) retiring after 6th term
ex-U.S. Rep. / ex-under secretary of agiculture Jill L. Long Thompson (D) 52.48%, ex-Roemer aide Mark Meissner (D) 19.12%, St. Sen. William E. "Bill" Alexa (D) 14.84%, attorney Kathy Cekanski Farrand (D) 7.46%, '00 candidate / U.S. political assassination researcher Steven W. Osborn (D) 6.09%, '00 nominee / businessman Joseph Christopher "Chris" Chocola (R) 78.19%, farmer Lewis F. "Farmer" Haas (R) 21.81%,
3rd Congressional District, 62.3% in '00, 4th term
attorney Jay A. Rigdon (D), Mark E. Souder (R) 59.56%, ex-Ft. Wayne Mayor / '98 Senate nominee Paul Helmke (R) 37.00%, William R. "Bill" Larsen (R) 3.45%,
4th Congressional District,
64.8% in '00 and 1st term for Kerns (R), 60.8% in '00 and 5th term for Buyer (R),
No Democrat U.S. Rep. Stephen Buyer (R) 54.61%, U.S. Rep. Brian D. Kerns (R) 29.92%, St. Sen. R. Michael Young (R) 8.09%, attorney Thomas J. "Tom" Herr (R) 3.29%, Tim Baynard (R) 2.15%, Bob Smith (R) 1.95%,
5th Congressional District, 73.2% in '00, 10th term
Katherine Fox Carr (D) 37.3%, Jerry Hall (D) 26.34%, local union president Mike Brinegar (D) 25.62%, '00 nominee / businessman Darin Patrick Griesey (D) 10.73%, Dan Burton (R) 83.8%, retired salesman / '00 candidate George Thomas Holland (R) 16.2%,
6th Congressional District, 50.9% in '00, 1st term,
farmer Melina Fox (D), Mike Pence (R),
7th Congressional District, 59.0% in '00, 3rd term
Julia M. Carson (D) 90.06%, '98 Democratic nominee? Bob "Citizen Kern" Hidalgo (D) 9.94%, public affairs consultant Brose McVey (R) 69.39%, retired construction worker Jack Reynolds (R) 30.61%,
8th Congressional District, 52.7% in '00, 4th term
electrical engineer Bryan Hartke (D) 69.26%, ex-UPS employee / '00 nominee Michael Douglas Graf (D) 30.74%, John N. Hostettler (R),
9th Congressional District, 54.2% in '00, 2nd term
Baron P. Hill (D), businessman Mike Sodrel (R) 44.85%, pilot Chris Redmon (R) 27.53%, councilman Jeff R. Ellington (R) 19.72%, David Fowler (R) 7.9%, Jeff Melton (G),

1. Key to Indiana Political Parties
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(R) = Republican Party

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