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Colorado Department of State - Election Division
2002 Colorado Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
Primary: 8/13/02,
List of State Parties,
Governor, 49% in '98, 1st term,
businessman Rollie Heath (D), Bill Owens (R), computer programmer Ralph Shnelvar (L), retired professor / '00 congressional nominee Ronald Norman Forthofer (G), Michael D. Plato (N), Charles Van Layton (I),
Lt. Governor - Tied with Gov., Joe Rogers (R) running for Congress,
St. Sen. Willaim "Bill" Theiaut, Jr. (D), '94 nominee / U.S. Rep. Bob Schaffer (R)?, Desiree Hickson (L), Kristina Paradise (G), David Clements (N),
Attorney General,
Ken Salazar (D), ex-chief deputy att. gen. / attorney Martha P. "Marti" Allbright (R), attorney Alison "Sunny" Maynard (G), attorney Dwight Harding (L),
Secretary of State 55.2% in '00 Special Election,
public relations executive / '00 nominee Anthony S. Martinez (D), Donetta Davidson (R), software developer David Aitken (L, NL), '00 nominee Clyde J. Harkins (C),
St. Sen. Terry L. Phillips (D), Mike Coffman (R), state party treasurer Gaar Potter (L), Michael Sanchez (Rfm),
Senator, 51% in '96, 1st term,
'96 nominee / ex-U.S. Attorney Tom Strickland (D), Wayne A. Allard (R), businessman Richard E. "Rick" Stanley (L), Douglas "Dayhorse" Campbell (C), '00 Congressional candidate John Heckman (I), Paul M. Weissmann (I), Howard Wachtel (I),
1st Congressional District, 60.0% in '00, 3rd term,
Dianna DeGette (D) 73.5%, Denver City Council President Ramona E. Martinez (D) 26.5%, St. Sen. Ken Chlouber (R), Kent Leonard (L), Ken Seaman (G), George C. Lilly (C),
2nd Congressional District, 55.0% in '00, 2nd term,
Mark Udall (D), ex-St. Rep. / Co. Treasurer Sandy Hume (R) 60.9%, businessman Robert "Bob" Vehar (R) 39.1%, Patrick West (NL), Norman T. "Norm" Olsen (L), Erik J. Brauer (C),
3rd Congressional District, 66.2% in '00, 4th term
state legislative aide Denis Berckefeldt (D), Scott McInnis (R), J. Brent Shroyer (L), arts promoter / 1998 U.S. Pacifist Party Senate nominee Gary Swing (NL),
4th Congressional District, 79.5% in '00, 3rd term, Bob Schaffer (R) retiring
St. Sen. Stanley T. Matsunaka (D), St. Sen. Marilyn Musgrave (R) 64.6%, attorney Jeffrey T. "Jeff" Bedingfield (R) 35.4%, John Volz (L),
5th Congressional District, 82.7% in '00, 8th term
documentary filmmaker / '00 3rd District nominee W. Curtis Imrie, Jr. (D), Joel Hefley (R), professor Biff Baker (L),
6th Congressional District, 53.9% in '00, 2nd term
Parker town Councilor Lance Wright (D), Tom Tancredo (R), '00 nominee / navy veteran Adam D. Katz (L),
7th Congressional District
Colorado Will Gain a Congressional District Due to Reapportionment
ex-St. Sen. / '98 governor candidate Mike Feeley (D) 56.4%, D.A. David Jeffrey "Dave" Thomas (D) 43.6%, state party chair Bob Beauprez (R) 38.2%, gubernatorial aide Rick O'Donnell (R) 30.8%, ex-Amb. / ex-St. Sen. / '98 candidate Sam H. Zakhem (R) 18.2%, '96 Congressional nominee / Lt. Governor Joe Rogers (R) 12.8%, retired USAF Officer G.T. "Bud" Martin (L), '00 Congressional nominee Victor A. Good (Rfm, NL), businessman Dave Chandler (G), Thomas F. Todd (I),

1. Key to Colorado Political Parties:
(C) = Constitution Party
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NL) = Natural Law Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(Not affiliated with the Reform Party USA)
(R) = Republican Party
Colorado Coalition of Independent Political Parties

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