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2001 Elections

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California Secretary of State - Elections Division
Predictions, Notes, List of State Parties
2001 Los Angeles, California Mayor Primary Results
Primary: April 10, 2001,
Run-off: June 5, 2001
Mayor of the City of Los Angeles (Non Partisan), Richard Riordan (R) barred from 3rd term
ex-St. AM. Antonio Ramon Villaraigosa (D) 30.43%, city attorney James Kenneth "Jim" Hahn (D) 25.05%, businessman Steve Soboroff (R) 21.25%, Councilmember Joel Wachs (I) 11.01%, U.S. Rep. Xavier Becerra (D) 5.97%, Controller Kathleen Connell (D) 4.82%, book store manager Francis DellaVecchia (G) 0.35%, painter Martin Luther King Aubrey, Sr. (I) 0.19%, accountant Melrose Larry Green (I) 0.17%, garment worker Wendy Lyons (SW) 0.16%, entrepeneur Robert "Rob Black" Zicari (I) 0.16%, businessman Robert Albert "Bob" Tur (I) 0.13%, advisor Joe Shea (I) 0.13%, minister Addie Mae Miller (I) 0.11%, website developer Steve Mozena (I) 0.06%,
2001 California Special Congressional Primary Results
Filing Deadline
: 2/26/01, Filing Deadline for write in candidates: 3/27/01, Special Election: 4/10/01, Run-Off: June 5, 2001
32nd Congressional District, 83.6% in '00
Julian C. Dixon (D) died on 12/8/00 after being elected to his 12th term
California Democratic Party endorsed St. Sen. Kevin Murray in open primary
D.C.'s Political Report's Prediction: 90% Democratic,
ex-St. Sen. / Amb. Diane Edith Watson (D) 32.83%, St. Sen. Kevin Murray (D) 26.49%, ex-St. Sen. / City Councilmember Nate Holden (D) 16.7%, radio talk show host / civil rights attorney Leo James Terrell (D) 4.91%, financial investor Philip A. Lowe (D) 2.99%, ex-congressional aide Tad Daley (D) 1.57%, minister / teacher Jules Bagneris (D) 1.28%,entertainment attorney Kirsten Wonder-Albrecht (D) 0.86%, nonprofit executive Wanda James (D) 0.63%, businessman Blair Hamilton Taylor (D) 0.62%, corporate manager Frank Evans III (D) 0.27%, businesswomen / 1998 Lt. Gov. candidate Noel Irwin Hentschel (R) 5.33%, attorney Mike Schaefer (R) 2.58%, businessman Michael Cyrus (R) 1.08%, '00 St. AM nominee Donna J. Warren (G) 1.30%, '00 Vice President nominee Ezola Foster (Rfm) 0.57%, Wendell Banks (WI) 0.0%, Linda Schexnayder (WI) 0.0%,

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(SW)= Socialist Workers Party
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