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Pennsylvania Department of State - Bureau of Commissions, Elections and Legislation
2000 Pennsylvania Democratic Presidential Primary Results
April 4, 2000
Al Gore 74.4%
Bill Bradley 20.8%
Lyndon LaRouche 4.8%
2000 Pennsylvania Republican Presidential Primary Results
April 4, 2000
George W. Bush 73.8%
John McCain 22.3%
Steve Forbes 2.5%
Gary Bauer 1.4%
2000 Pennsylvania Primary Results
Attorney General
attorney / party endorsed candidate James J. Eisenhower III (D) 50.6%, D.A. John M. Morganelli (D) 49.4%, Mike Fisher (R) attorney Tom Linzey (G),
ex-St. Treasurer / '94 Governor Candidate Catherine Baker Knoll (D) Barbara Hafer (R) accountant Joseph Patterson (Rfm), Anne Goeke (G)
Auditor General
Bob Casey Jr. (D) St. Rep. Katie True (R), accountant Jim Blair (Rfm), retiree Barbara Knox (G)
U.S. Rep. Ron Klink (D) 40.7%, attorney Phil Berg (D) 1.6%, DOL officer / '94 Lt. Gov. nominee Tom Foley (D) 24.2%, attorney Murray Levin (D) 4.4%, attorney Bob Rovner (D) 3.9%, St. Sen. Allyson Schwartz (D) 25.3%, Rick Santorum (R) farmer / steelworker Bob Domske (Rfm), Privacy Newsletter editor John Featherman (L),
1st Congressional District
Robert A. "Bob" Brady (D) 77%, St. Rep. Andrew J. Carn (D) 18%, Timothy Hannah (D) 6%, Steven N. Kush (R)
2nd Congressional District
Chaka Fattah (D) No Republican
3rd Congressional District
Robert A. Borski (D) ex-U.S. Rep. / '98 nominee Charles F. Dougherty (R),
4th Congressional District
St. Rep. Terry E. Van Horne (D) 23.3%, Joe Bellissimo (D) 10.0%, ex-tax board executive administrator Royal Hart (D) 8.8%, Regional Dir. of the Nat'l Assoc. of Manufacturors Jerry A. Hodge (D) 14.3%, John M. "Jack" Machek (D) 10.6%, Lawrence Co. D.A. Matthew T. Mangino (D) 15.2%, ex-baseball pitcher Jim Rooker (D) 13.0%, magazine publisher Jim Schmitt (D) 4.8%, St. Sen. Melissa A. Hart (R),
5th Congressional District
No Democrat John E. Peterson (R) Tom Martin (L),
6th Congressional District
T. Timothy Holden (D) Thomas G. Kopel (R) Donald Watt (L)
7th Congressional District
Peter A. Lennon (D) Curt Weldon (R)
8th Congressional District
businessman Ronald L. "Ron" Strouse (D) James C. "Jim" Greenwood (R) 67.3%, GOP state committeeman Tom Lingenfelter (R) 32.7%, Philip Holmen (Rfm),
9th Congressional District
No Democrat Bud Shuster (R) Lon Diffenderfer (L), John Henry (Rfm),
10th Congressional District
attorney / Patrick "Pat" Casey (D) 82.5%, insurance company employee Francis McHale (D) 17.5%, Donald L. "Don" Sherwood (R) quality assurance engineer / ex-state party chair / '96 / '98 nominee Thomas J. "Tom" McLaughlin (Rfm)
11th Congressional District
Paul E. Kanjorksi (D) '96/'98 nominee / retired army Lt. Col. Stephen A. Urban (R)
12th Congressional District
John P. Murtha (D) dentist Bill Choby (R) James O'Neil (Rfm),
13th Congressional District
Joseph M. Hoeffel (D) St. Sen. Stewart J. Greenleaf (R) 57.1%, pro-life attorney John Coffey (R) 42.9%, Ken Cavanaugh (L), Duane Malott (I),
14th Congressional District
William J. Coyne (D) No Republican
15th Congressional District
steelworkers union leader Ed O'Brien (D), Patrick Toomey (R)
16th Congressional District
publisher/'96 Reform candidate / '98 nominee Robert S. "Bob" Yorczyk (D) Joseph R. Pitts (R) Charles Humphrey (L),
17th Congressional District
ADA coordinator Leslye Hess Herrmann (D) George W. Gekas (R)
18th Congressional District
Michael F. "Mike" Doyle (D) Craig C. Stephens (R)
19th Congressional District
pscyhology professor Jeffrey Sanders (D) 54.1%, attorney John J. Moran II (D) 43.9%, St. Rep. Todd Platts (R) 31.3%, attorney / professor / '96 & '98 candidate Charlie Gerow (R) 13.2%, St. Rep. Albert H. Masland (R) 30.2%, York Co. Comm'r Christopher B. Reilly (R) 6.1%, Cumberland Co. GOP Committeeman Dick Stewart (R) 19.2%, Businessman / '98 nominee Gary Shoemaker (L)
20th Congressional District
Frank Mascara (D) Ronald J. Davis (R)
21st Congressional District
Dr. Marc A. Flitter (D) Phil English (R)

Key to Party Identification.
(D) =
Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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