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Oklahoma State Election Board
2000 Oklahoma Democratic Presidential Caucuses Results
March 14, 2000
Al Gore 69%
Bill Bradley 25%
2000 Oklahoma Republican Presidential Primary Results
March 14, 2000
George W. Bush 79%
John McCain 10%
Alan Keyes 11%
Gary Bauer <1%
Steve Forbes <1%
Orrin Hatch <1%

2000 Oklahoma Congressional Primary Results
August 22, 2000
1st Congressional District
attorney / rancher / ex-GOP Daniel W. Lowe (D) 79.67%, retiree John Krymski (D) 20.33%, Steve Largent (R) 87.71%, librarian Evelyn L. Rogers (R) 12.29%, ex-state party chair Michael A. "Mike" Clem (L),
2nd Congressional District
attorney Brad Carson (D) 44.89%, St. Rep. Bill Settle (D) 39.40%, car salesman James Robert "Jim Bob" Wilson (D) 15.72%, retired car dealer Andy Ewing (R) 59.89%, attorney / ex-policeman Steve Money (R) 5.90%, attorney Jack Walton Ross (R) 27.92%, author / teacher / nurse / perennial candidate Tennie Beatrice Rogers (R) 0.96%, attorney Eric Dean Troutt (R) 2.93%, marketing executive / '90 nominee Terry Gorham (R) 1.68%, businessman Mark Detro (R) 0.71%, account manager Neil Mavis (L),
3rd Congressional District
No Democrat Wes Watkins (R) R.C. Sevier White (L), engine assembler '98 Senate candidate Argus W. Yandell, Jr. (I),
4th Congressional District
state insurance commissioner executive Larry Weatherford (D) J. C. Watts, Jr. (R) 80.96%, ex-congressional aide James "Jim" Odom (R) 19.04%, Keith B. Johnson (L), nurse Susan Ducey (Rfm),
5th Congressional District
minister / consultant Garland McWatters (D) Ernest Jim Istook (R) 84.78%, Phillip A. Hillian (R) 15.22%, network technician / '96 nominee Robert T. Murphy (L), Bill Maguire (I),
6th Congressional District
St. Rep. Randy Leon Beutler (D) 69.00%, St. School Board Exec. Dir. Bob Mooneyham (D) 31.00%, Frank D. Lucas (R) Joseph V. Cristiano (L),

2000 Oklahoma Congressional Run-Off Results
September 19, 2000
2nd Congressional District
attorney Brad Carson (D) 56.8%, St. Rep. Bill Settle (D) 43.5%, retired car dealer Andy Ewing (R) account manager Neil Mavis (L),

Key to Party Identification.
(D) =
Democratic Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party

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