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New York State Board of Elections

2000 New York Democratic Presidential Primary Results
March 7, 2000
Al Gore 65%
Bill Bradley 33.6%
Lyndon LaRouche 1.4%

2000 New York Republican Presidential Primary Results
March 7, 2000
George W. Bush 51.8%
John McCain 44.5%
Alan Keyes 3.7%

2000 New York Congressional Primary Results
September 12, 2000
First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton (D, Lib, WF) 81%, Dr. Mark S. McMahon (D) 19%, U.S. Rep. Rick A. Lazio (R, Cns) ex-Watertown Mayor / designated nominee Jeffrey E. Graham (Ind), retiree Jeff Beller (Ind), state party treasurer John Clifton (L), Ronnie Dugger (G) 31.7%, farmer Mark J. Dunau (G, Rural) 38.6%, '98 gov. nominee Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis (G) 29.7%, businessman Walter N. Iwachiw (G), John O. Adefope (RtL), '90 RTL nominee / ex-marine Louis "Lou" Wein (RtL, C), developer Abe Hirschfeld (Rfm), national leader of the Young Socialist Alliance Jacob J. Perasso (SW), Bryan R. Ghent (I), computer engineer Bill Murawski (I),
1st Congressional District
attorney / ex-town board member Regina Seltzer (D) 50%, Michael P. Forbes (D, WF) 50%, Brookhaven town sup. Felix J. Grucci Jr. (R, Cns, RtL, Ind) ex-Suffolk co. legislator / '98 Democratic nominee William G. "Bill" Holst (G), Jack Fisher (Ind), Susan Gates (WF),
2nd Congressional District
Huntington Town Board member Steve Israel (D) 44.5%, Suffolk Co. Leg. David A. Bishop (D, G, Ind, WF) 41.6%, community activist / attorney Ghenya Grant (D) 13.9%, Islip town clerk Joan B. Johnson (R, Cns) 61.2%, U.N. Diplomat Robert Walsh (R, RtL) 38.8%, Timothy Wehner (L), U.N. Diplomat Robert T. Walsh (RtL, Cns), Richard N. Thompson (Cns), Justin N. Lite (Ind),
3rd Congressional District
'96 nominee businessman Dal Anthony LaMagna (D, G, WF), Peter T. King (R, Cns, Ind, RtL),
businessman Robert Previdi (R),
Selma Olchin (Lib),
4th Congressional District
Carolyn McCarthy (D, Ind, WF) '98 nominee / ex-St. AM Gregory R. Becker (R, Cns, RtL) advertising executive Barbara Vitanza (Lib),
5th Congressional District
Gary L. Ackerman (D, Ind, Lib, WF,) Dr. Edward B. Elkowitz (R, Cns), '98 nominee Anne T. Robinson (RtL),
6th Congressional District
Gregory W. Meeks (D, WF) No Republican
7th Congressional District
Joseph Crowley (D) airline sales manager / '96 nominee Rose Birtley (R), Robert E. Hurley (Cns), Paul Gilman (G), Garafalia Christea (RtL),
8th Congressional District
Jerrold L. Nadler (D, Lib, WF) Marian S. Henry (R), Anthony A. LaBella (Cns), programmer Bob Armstrong (L), Dan Wentzel (G), Harry Kresky (Ind),
9th Congressional District
Anthony D. Weiner (D, Lib) 73%, New York City councilmember Noach Dear (D, R, Cns) 27%, Democratic New York City councilmember Noach Dear (R, Cns),
10th Congressional District
Edolphus Towns (D, Lib) 57%, attorney Barry Dwayne Ford (D, WF) 43%, '98 nominee Ernestine M. Brown (R) attorney Barry Dwayne Ford (WF), '98 nominee Ernest Johnson (Cns),
11th Congressional District
Major R. Owens (D, WF) 54%, city councilmember Una S. T. Clarke (D, Lib) 46%, Susan Cleary (R) Cartrell Gore (Cns), city councilmember Una S. T. Clarke (Lib),
12th Congressional District
Nydia M. Velázquez (D, WF), Mildred Rosario (D, RtL), '98 nominee Rosemary Markgraf (R), Caesar Estevez (Cns), Mildred Rosario (RtL), Paul Pederson (SW),
13th Congressional District
anti-gun activist Katina M. "Tina" Johnstone (D, WF) Vito J. Fossella (R, Cns, RtL) '96 & '98 nominee Anita Lerman (Ind, G),
14th Congressional District
Carolyn B. Maloney (D, Lib) Carla Rhodes (R), psychologist Frederick D. Newman (Ind), Sandra Stevens (G),
15th Congressional District
Charles B. Rangel (D, Lib, WF), Ruben D. Vargas (D), '92 Conservative / '94 & '96 RtL nominee José Augstin Suero (R), Scott Jefferey (L), Frank Della Valle (Cns), Jessie A. Fields (Ind), Dean Loren (G),
16th Congressional District
José E. Serrano (D, Lib) Aaron Justice (R) Richard Retcho (Cns),
17th Congressional District
Eliot L. Engel (D, Lib) 49%, St. Sen. Larry B. Seabrook (D) 42%, Sonny A. Zayas (D) 1%, '98 Congressional nominee / ex-postal worker Patrick McManus (R, Cns),
18th Congressional District
Nita M. Lowey (D) John G. Vonglis (R, Cns), Florence T. O'Grady (RtL),
19th Congressional District
attorney Larry Otis Graham (D, Lib, WF), Sue W. Kelly (R, Cns, Ind) Joseph L. Dubovy (G), teacher Mark R. Jacobs (G), Frank X. Lloyd (RtL),
20th Congressional District
'98 nominee / Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul J. Feiner (D, Lib, G, WF) Benjamin A. Gilman (R) '98 nominee Christine M. Tighe (RtL),
21st Congressional District
Michael R. McNulty (D, Cns, Ind) college athletics official Thomas G. Pillsworth (R),
22nd Congressional District
attorney Kenneth F. McCallion (D, G, WF), John E. Sweeney (R, Cns)
23rd Congressional District
Richard W. Englebrecht (D) Sherwood L. "Sherry" Boehlert (R, Ind), 57%David B. Vickers (R, Cns, RtL) 43%, '98 nominee David B. Vickers (Cns, RtL),
24th Congressional District
'98 nominee Neil P. Tallon (D) John M. McHugh (R, Cns) ex-Norwood Mayor Willard E. Smith (Ind), William Kuntz III (G),
25th Congressional District
Francis J. Gavin (D) James T. Walsh (R, Cns, Ind) businessman Howie Hawkins (G),
26th Congressional District
Maurice D. Hinchey (D, Ind, Lib, WF) '92 & '94 nominee / ex-county legislator Robert J. "Bob" Moppert (R, Cns), Paul J. Laux (RtL), Robert Robinson (G),
27th Congressional District
businessman Thomas W. Pecoraro (D, Ind,), Thomas M. Reynolds (R, Cns, Ind,)
28th Congressional District
Louise McIntosh Slaughter (D) health department worker Mark C. Johns (R, Cns, G, WF) Steve Healey (L), Eve Hawkins (G),
29th Congressional District
John J. LaFalce (D, Ind, Lib) teacher Brett M. Sommer (R, Cns, RtL),
30th Congressional District
publisher of Buffalo magazine John Fee (D, Lib, WF), Jack Quinn (R, Cns, Ind,)
31st Congressional District
Kisun J. Peters (D) Amory R. Houghton, Jr. (R, Cns)

3. Key to Party Identification.
(Cns) = Conservative Party
(C) = Constitution Party - formerly known as the Taxpayers Party
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(Ind) = Independence Party - might unaffiliate from the Reform Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(Lib) = Liberal Party
(R) = Republican Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(RtL) = Right to Life Party
(Rural) = Rural Party
(S) = Socialist Party
(SW) = Socialist Workers Party
(WF) = Working Families Party - Affiliated with the New Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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