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Minnesota Secretary of State - Elections

2000 Minnesota Democratic Presidential Primary Results
March 11, 2000
Al Gore 74%
uncommitted 14%
Bill Bradley 12%
2000 Minnesota Republican Presidential Caucuses Results
March 7, 2000
George W. Bush 62.7%
Alan Keyes 19.9%
John McCain 17.4%

2000 Minnesota Congressional Primary Results
September 12, 2000
ex-St. Auditor Mark Dayton (DFL) 41.2%, St. Sen. / DFL endorsed candidate Jerry R. Janezich (DFL) 20.8%, attorney Michael Ciresi (DFL) 22.4%, ex-Minneapolis Community Development director Rebecca Yanisch (DFL) 14.6%, ex-city councilman candidate Dick Franson (DFL) 0.3%, perennial candidate Oloveuse Scorpio "Ole" Savior (DFL) 0.3%, Hal Dorland (DFL) 0.1%, Gregg A. Iverson (DFL) 0.2%, Rod Grams (R) 89.1%, Bill Dahn (R) 10.9%, security consultant Erik D. Pakieser (L), software developer James Gibson (Ind) 47.0%, environmental activist Leslie Davis (Ind) 25.2%, financial adviser Buford Johnson (Ind) 19.4%, Fred H. Askew (Ind) 8.3%, computer analyst David "Dave" Swan (C) 62.6%, software engineer / '98 Congressional nominee Derek W. Schramm (C) 37.4%, Rebecca Ellis (SW), David Daniels (GR), psychiatrist / e-candidate George Dawson (I),
1st Congressional District
'96 nominee / prof. Mary Reider (DFL) Gil Gutknecht Jr. (R) businessman Rich Osness (L)
2nd Congressional District
David Minge (DFL) businessman Mark Kennedy (R) 79.7%, mortician Joe Wagner (R) 20.3%, computer programmer Ron Helwig (L), '94 / '96 / '98 nominee Stan Bentz (Ind) 48.9%, Gerald W. Brekke (Ind) 51.1%, Dennis A. Burda (C),
3rd Congressional District
teacher Sue Shuff (DFL) 74.5%, Darryl Tyree Stanton (DFL) 25.5%, Jim Ramstad (R) '98 Auditor nominee / insurance consultant Robert "Bob" Odden (L), businessman Arne Niska (C), Ted Wallerstedt (L),
4th Congressional District
St. Rep. Betty McCollum (DFL) 50.4%, St. Paul City Councilman Chris Coleman (DFL) 19.0%, fundraiser Cathie Hartnett (DFL) 7.7%, St. Sen. Steven G. Novak (DFL) 22.9%, St. Sen. Linda Runbeck (R) 86.2%, Patricia Reagan (R) 13.8%, Nicholas Skrivanek (C), teacher Scott J. Raskiewicz (G), telecommunications directory assistance Pamela Joy "Pam" Ellison (Ind) 36.7%, ex-Co. Att. Tom Foley (Ind) 63.3%,
5th Congressional District
Martin Olav Sabo (DFL) '98 nominee Frank Taylor (R) 63.2%, Chris Flynn (R) 36.8, Rob Tomich (Ind), Renne Lavoi (C), insurance broker Charles P. Charnstrom (L),
6th Congressional District
William P. "Bill" Luther (DFL) retired Marine / '98 nominee John Kline (R) Ralph A. Hubbard (C), '98 Lt. Gov. nominee Michael C. "Mike" Strand (L)?,
7th Congressional District
Collin C. Peterson (DFL) farmer Glen Menze (R) 65.5%, farmer / '98 nominee Alita Eden (R) 34.5%, Owen Sivertson (C), Eric J. Wilkinson (L)?,
8th Congressional District
James L. Oberstar (DFL) ex-St. Rep. / writer Bob Lemen (R) 50.3%, Warren L. Nelson (R) 49.7%, state party executive Edie Fuhol Rawson (L)?, Mike Darling (Ind),

3. Key to Party Identification.
(C) = Constitution Party - formerly known as the Taxpayers Party
(DFL) = Democratic Farm Labor Party - Affiliated with the Democratic Party
(GR) = Grassroots Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(Ind) = Independence Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(R) = Republican Party
(SW) = Socialist Workers Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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