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Indiana Secretary of State - Elections Division
2000 Indiana Democratic Presidential Primary Results
May 2, 2000
Al Gore 74.4%
Bill Bradley 21.8%
Lyndon LaRouche 3.9%
2000 Indiana Republican Presidential Primary Results
May 2, 2000
George W. Bush 81.1%
John McCain 19.9%

2000 Indiana Congressional and Statewide Primary Results
May 2, 2000
Frank O'Bannon (D) U.S. Rep. David M. McIntosh (R) 70.4%, attorney John Price (R) 29.6%, engineer / '99 Indianapolis Mayor nominee Andy Horning (L), business manager Paul Wilson (NL), attorney Terry Boesch (I),
Lt. Governor
Joseph Kernan (D), Hammond Mayor Duane Dedelow (R), programmer Rick Crawford (NL),
Attorney General
Karen Freeman Wilson (D), '96 nominee / attorney Steve Carter (R)
School Superintendent
Suellen Reed (R), Sam Goldstein (L), computer resaler Jack Baldwin (NL),
attorney David Lawther Johnson (D) Richard G. Lugar (R), Albert Barger (L), attorney Larry Evans (NL), software engineer Paul Hager (L),
1st Congressional District
Peter J. Visclosky (D) 81.1%, retired naval officer Cyril B. "Cy" Huerter (D) 3.2%, Sandra K. Smith (D) 15.7%, Jack Reynolds (R) 65.6%,carpenter Mark J. Leyva (R) 34.4%, Christopher Nelson (L),
2nd Congressional District
attorney Robert W. Rock Jr. (D) 31.9%, legislative aide Troy Liggett (D) 17.6%, ex-congressional aide Ronald A. "Ron" Gyure (D) 24.2%, attorney Angela "Angie" Burks (D) 18.4%, Sean David Harding (D) 7.9%, radio talk show host Mike Pence (R) 44.4%, St. Rep. Jeffrey M. Linder (R) 24.0%, ex-congressional aide Allen Lucas "Luke" Messer (R) 20.9%, attorney Brad D. Steele (R) 5.8%, David M. "Mike" Campbell (R) 3.9%, businessman / '98 Libertarian nominee Cliff Federle (R) 1.1%, ex-GOP St. Sen. / perennial candidate William "Bill" Frazier (R)
3rd Congressional District
Tim Roemer (D) 88.4%, assassination conspiracy theorist Steven W. Osborn (D) 11.6%, businessman Joseph Christopher "Chris" Chocola (R)
4th Congressional District
FedEx Courier Michael "Mike" Dewayne Foster (D) 71.4%, businessman David Christopher "Dave" Roach (D) 28.6%, Mark E. Souder (R) 67.8%, deputy Prosecutor Mike Loomis (R) 32.2%, Nick Metel (L)
5th Congressional District
Steelworkers Union local president Greg Goodnight (D) 58.7%, John Arnold (D) 15.8%, R. McAlister Ellis Jr. (D) 16.2%, Hugh P. Salisbury (D) 9.4%, Stephen Buyer (R), Scott Benson (L),
6th Congressional District
community service organization director Darin Patrick Griesey (D) 42.8%,commercial banker Nick F. Arena (D) 34.6%, '98 candidate / Dr. R. "Nag" Nagarajan (D) 22.7%, Dan Burton (R) 79.4%, George Thomas Holland (R) 20.6%, teacher / '98 nominee Joe Hauptman (L)
7th Congressional District
UPS employee Michael Douglas Graf (D) 32.8%, Jeffrey L. Clapper (D) 29.2%, Daniel Scott Grinestaff (D) 16.5%, airline employee / '98 nominee Samuel W. "Dutch" Hillenburg (D) 21.5%, congressional aide Brian D. Kerns (R) 39.3%, ex-American Red Cross president / ex-vice president of United Parcel Service Matt Branam (R) 3.8%, systems analyst Bryan L. Donaldson (R) 4.1%, carpenter Anthony W. "Tony" Duncan (R) 3.3%, Alex Gatzimos (R) 12.0%, stockbroker / ex-Lafayette chamber of commerce president Bob Griffiths (R) 33.4%, conservative activist Douglas Edwin "Doug" Hess (R) 2.5%, John W. Timm (R) 1.6%,
8th Congressional District
physician Paul E. Perry (D) 57.6%, attorney John Mark Hamilton (D) 37.9%, John W. "Willie" Taylor (D) 4.5%, John N. Hostettler (R), software engineer / '96 / '98 nominee Paul Hager (L)?
9th Congressional District
Baron P. Hill (D) 84.7%, James R. McClure Jr. (D) 11.2%, Lendall B. "Lee" Terry (D) 4.1%, pro-life activist Michael E. Bailey (R) 51.9%, businessman Kevin Kellems (R) 48.1%,
10th Congressional District
Julia M. Carson (D) 88.9%, convicted felon Bobby H. "Bob" Kern Hidalgo (D) 4.4%, substitute teacher Ralph Spelbring (D) 6.7%, '94 nominee / professor Marvin B. Scott (R) 58.2%, communications director for public instruction Anthony A. "Tony" Samuel (R), 41.8% Na'llah Ali (L)

1. Bold indicates incumbent. Yellow district indicates open races. Blue boxes indicates winner. Red print indicates change in party control.

2. Key to Party Identification.
(D) = Democratic Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NL) = Natural Law Party
(R) = Republican Party

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