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California Secretary of State - Elections Division
2000 California Presidential Primary Results
from all ballots
March 7, 2000
Al Gore (D) 35.9%
George W. Bush (R) 27.0%
John McCain (R) 23.2%
Bill Bradley (D) 8.8%
Alan Keyes (R) 2.1%
Ralph Nader (G) 1.5%
Harry Browne (L) 0.3%
Donald J. Trump (Rfm) 0.3%
Lyndon LaRouche (D) 0.3%
Steve Forbes (R) 0.2%
Gary Bauer (R) 0.1%
Orrin Hatch (R) 0.1%
Howard Phillips (AI) 0.1%
George D. Weber (Rfm) 0.1%
Joel Kovel (G) 0.0%
David Lynn Hollist (L) 0.0%
L. Neil Smith (L) 0.0%
Larry Hines (L) 0.0%
Kip Lee (L) 0.0%
John Hagelin (NL) 0.0%
Charles Collins (Rfm) 0.0%
Robert Bowman (Rfm) 0.0%
John B. Anderson (Rfm) 0.0%

2000 California Democratic Presidential Primary Results
March 7, 2000
Al Gore (D) 81.4%
Bill Bradley (D) 18.0%
Lyndon LaRouche (D) 0.6%

2000 California Republican Presidential Primary Results
March 7, 2000
George W. Bush (R) 59.8%
John McCain (R) 35.9%
Alan Keyes (R) 3.7%
Steve Forbes (R) 0.2%
Gary Bauer (R) 0.2%
Orrin Hatch (R) 0.2%

2000 California Reform Party Presidential Primary Results
March 7, 2000
Donald J. Trump(Rfm) 35.8%
John B. Anderson (Rfm) 24.5%
Robert Bowman (Rfm) 16.5%
Charles Collins (Rfm) 12.4%
George D. Weber (Rfm) 10.8%

2000 California Green Party Presidential Primary Results
March 7, 2000
Ralph Nader (G) 91.6%
Joel Kovel (G) 8.4%

2000 California Libertarian Presidential Primary Results
March 7, 2000
Harry Browne (L) 71.6%
L. Neil Smith (L) 9.0%
Larry Hines (L) 7.1%
Kip Lee (L) 6.1%
David Lynn Hollist (L) 6.0%

2000 California Natural Law Party Presidential Primary Results
March 7, 2000
John Hagelin (NL) 100%

2000 California American Independent Presidential Primary Results
March 7, 2000
Howard Phillips (AI) 100%

2000 California Congressional Primary Results
March 7, 2000
Dianne Feinstein (D) 53.2%, attorney Michael Schmier (D) 2.5%, U.S. Rep. Tom Campbell (R) 22.4%, St. Sen. Ray N. Haynes (R) 8.6%, San Diego Co. Sup. Bill Horn (R) 6.0%, businessman J. P. Gough (R), 0.7% telephone equipment salesman John M. Brown (R) 0.9%, computer consultant Linh Dao (R) 0.7% engineer / research scientist Jose Luis "Joe" Camahort (Rfm) 0.6%, educator / state party chair / '98 nominee for Secretary of State Vallie "Sharp" Sharpe-Geisler (Rfm) 0.2%, ex-Peace & Freedom candidate / private investigator Jan Tucker (G) 0.4%, economist / author Medea Susan Benjamin (G), 1.4% nurse Gail Katherine Lightfoot (L) 1.6%, attorney / '96 American Party Presidental nominee Diana Beall Templin (A/I) 0.5%, author / teacher / Dr. / '98 nominee Brian M. Rees (NL) 0.3%,
1st Congressional District
Mike Thompson (D) 64.5%, businessman Russel Jim Chase (R) 12.5%, accountant Lawrence R. Wiesner (R) 8.2%, engineer / businessman Kenneth A. Hitt (R) 8.5%, mother / ex-Peace & Freedom Party member Pamela Elizondo (Rfm) 1.3%, '96 / '98 nominee / businessman man Emil P. Rossi (L) 2.5%, childrens issues advisor Cheryl Kreier (NL) 2.4%,
2nd Congressional District
business development executive Stan Morgan (D) 26.5%, Wally Herger (R) 67.6% Charles R. Martin (L) 2.4%, businessman John McDermott (NL) 3.5%,
3rd Congressional District
businessman Bob Kent (D) 34.9% Douglas Ose (R) 61.4%, '98 5th District nominee / civil engineer Douglas Arthur "Art" Tuma (L) 2.5%, enterpreneur Channing E. Jones (NL) 1.2%,
4th Congressional District
retired sales manager Mark A. Norberg (D) 28.0%, John T. Doolittle (R) 66.1%, Air Force veteran / electronic engineer Willian "Fritz" Frey (L) 3.1%, retired airline pilot Robert E. Ray (NL) 2.8%,
5th Congressional District
Robert T. Matsui (D) 70.8%, businessman Kenneth J. Payne (R) 24.2%, data processing analyst Ken Adams (G) 2.2%, businesswomen Cullene Lang (L) 1.7%, writer Charles Kersey (NL) 1.1%,
6th Congressional District
Lynn Woolsey (D) 66.4% building contractor / '98 nominee Ken McAuliffe (R) 28.1%, grant coordinator Justin "Justo" Moscoso (G) 2.4%, author Richard O. Barton (L) 1.9%, '98 nominee / educator Alan R. Barreca (NL) 1.2%,
7th Congressional District
George Miller (D) 75.4%, educator Christopher A. Hoffman (R) 14.5%, retail manager Nicolas "Nick" Mraovich (R) 8.0%, attorney / educator Martin "James" Sproul (NL) 2.1%,
8th Congressional District
Nancy Pelosi (D) 85.7%, businessman Adam Sparks (R) 10.5% consultant Erik Bauman (L) 2.8%, consultant / '96 / '98 nominee David Smithstein (NL) 1.0%,
9th Congressional District
Barbara Lee (D) 85.2%, educational training manager Arneze Washington (R) 9.8%, professor Fred E. Foldvary (L) 3.3%, businesswoman Ellen Jefferds (NL) 1.7%,
10th Congressional District
Ellen O. Tauscher (D) 54.4%, businessman / '82 nominee Claude B. Hutchison, Jr. (R) 17.9%, businessman Gordon Blake (R) 14.8%, business consultant Dennis M. Kilian (R) 10.3%, teacher / '96 / '98 nominee Valerie Janlois (NL) 2.6%,
11th Congressional District
accountant Tom Y. Santos (D) 21.8%, real estate consultant / '98 nominee Robert L. Figueroa (D) 13.5%, Richard W. Pombo (R) 60.8%, office assistant Kathryn A. Russow (L) 2.3%, nurse Jon A. Kurey (NL) 1.6%,
12th Congressional District
Tom Lantos (D) 74.2%, businessman Mike Garza (R) 10.1%, '98 nominee / car moving company manager Robert H. Evans Jr. (R) 6.1%, consultant James D. Williams Jr (R) 5.5, writer Barbara J. Less (L) 2.9%, engineer Rifkin Young (NL) 1.2%,
13th Congressional District
Fortney "Pete" Stark (D) 68.8%, '98 nominee/aerospace software engineer James R. "Jim" Goetz (R) 19.8%, sign language interpreter Saundra Duffy (R) 6.9%, software engineer Howard Mora (L) 2.1%, stress management teacher Timothy R. Hoehner (NL) 1.2%, chiropractor Don J. Grundmann (A/I) 1.2%,
14th Congressional District
Anna G. Eshoo (D) 70.6%, electrical engineer G. M. "Bill" Quraishi (R) 11.3%, businessman Henry "Bud" Manzler (R) 7.3%, businessman Craig L. DeLue (R) 7.5%, '96 / '98 nominee Joseph W. Dehn III (L) 2.0%, teacher / '98 15 District nominee John H. Black (NL) 1.3%,
15th Congressional District
St. Assemblyman Mike Honda (D) 39.6%, ex-U.S. Sec. of Army / venture capitalist William "Bill" Peacock (D) 14.1%, '96 / '98 nominee / prof. Dick Lane (D) 2.4%, business developer / '98 candidate Connor Vlakancic (D) 0.9%, ex-Sunnyvale Mayor Robin Parker (D) 2.3%, St. Assemblyman James "Jim" Cunneen (R) 33.0%, attorney Dale C. Mead (R) 5.4%, computer scientist Ed Wimmers (L) 1.5%, writer / teacher Douglas L. Gorney (NL) 0.8%,
16th Congressional District
Zoe Lofgren (D) 72.0%, '98 nominee / rocket engineer Horace Eugene "Gene" Thayn (R) 23.4%, quality manager Dennis Michael Umphress (L) 2.9%, chiropractor Edward J. Klein (NL) 1.7%,
17th Congressional District
Sam Farr (D) 56.6%, ex-social worker Joe Grossman (D) 5.6%, businessman Arthur Dunn (D) 1.5%, educator Debra Whitmore (D) 5.3%, businessman Clint Engler (R) 14.5%, consultant Carole Dooley (R) 4.5%, businessman Rob Roberts (R) 7.9%, journeyman ironworker Larence Fenton (Rfm) 0.7%, '98 nominee E. Craig Coffin (G) 1.9%, '98 nominee Rick S. Garrett (L) 1.1%, software developer / '98 nominee Scott R. Hartley (NL) 0.4%,
18th Congressional District
Gary A. Condit (D) 65.2%, research director Rodger McAfee (D) 5.1%, businessman Steve R. Wilson (R) 28.7%, Page Roth Riskin (NL) 1.0%,
19th Congressional District
businessman Daniel "Dan" Rosenberg (D) 20.7%, health care provider John S. Hernandez (D) 9.6%, , George P. Radanovich (R) 66.3%, Elizabeth Taylor (L) 2.0%, Robert Miller (NL) 0.8%, chiropractor Edmon V. Kaiser (A/I) 0.6%,
20th Congressional District
Calvin Dooley (D) 52.1% tv news anchor Rich Rodriguez (R) 45.3% Arnold Kriegbaum (L) 1.4%, educator / '98 9th District nominee Walter Kenneth Ruehlig (NL) 1.2%,
21st Congressional District
businessman Pedro "Pete" Martinez Jr. (D) 22.3%, William M. "Bill" Thomas (R) 73.7%, professor James R. S. Manion (L) 4.0%
22nd Congressional District
Lois Capps (D) 55.3%, ex-Santa Barbara Co. Sup. Mike Stoker (R) 38.2%, ex-police commander Ernest "Allen" Rowe (R) 4.5%, educational consultant / '98 nominee Richard D. "Dick" Porter (Rfm) 0.7%, property manager Joe Furcinite (L) 0.7%, businessman / '98 St. Treasurer nominee J. Carlso Aguirre (NL) 0.6%,
23rd Congressional District
Ventura Co. Bar. Assn. president Michael Case (D) 24.9%, real estate broker Albert Maxwell Goldberg (D) 6.2%, Elton W. Gallegly (R) 63.1%, physician / author Cary Savitch (Rfm) 2.9%, ectronic engineer Roger Peebles (L) 2.1%, businessman Stephen P. Hospodar (NL) 0.8%,
24th Congressional District
Brad Sherman (D) 66.3%, actor Jerry Doyle (R) 29.2% 26th District '98 nominee / executive director Juan Carlos Ros (L) 3.3%, Michael Cuddehe (NL) 1.2%,
25th Congressional District
Dr. Sidney Gold (D) 27.5% Howard P. "Buck" McKeon (R) 63.1%, tax consultant Hal Brent Meyers (R) 5.3%, '96/'98 nominee / businessman / enigneer Bruce R. Acker (L) 2.8%, actress / singer Mews Small (NL) 1.3%,
26th Congressional District
Howard L. Berman (D) 84.7%, No Republican businessman Bill Farley (L) 11.3%, '98 nominee / businessman / therapist David L. Cossak (NL) 4.0%,
27th Congressional District
St. Sen. Adam Schiff (D) 49.1% James E. Rogan (R) 47.0%, '98 U.S. Senate nominee / fraud investigator Ted Brown (L) 2.0%, educator Miriam R. Hospodar (NL) 1.9%,
28th Congressional District
'98 nominee / Dr. Janice M. Nelson (D) 34.2% David Dreier (R) 62.0% Dr. Randall G. Weissbuch (L) 1.7%, '98 nominee / psychologist M. Lawrence Allison (NL) 0.9%, legal assistant Joe "Jay" Haytas (A/I) 1.2%,
29th Congressional District
Henry A. Waxman (D) 76.7%, attorney Jim Scileppi (R) 18.3% businessman J.C. "Jack" Anderson (L) 3.6%, electronic engineer Bruce Currivan (NL) 1.4%,
30th Congressional District
Xavier Becerra (D) 83.5%, bartender Tony Goss (R) 10.8% businessman / '98 34th District nominee Jason E. Heath (L) 3.0%, '98 31st District nominee / administrator Gary D. Hearne (NL) 2.7%,
31st Congressional District
Matthew G. "Marty" Martinez (D) 28.5%, St. Sen. Hilda Solis (D) 62.6%, No Republican '98 nominee / analyst Kirsta Lieberg-Wong (G) 3.9%, computer engineer Michael "Mick" McGuire (L) 2.9%, educator Richard D. Griffin (NL) 2.1%,
32nd Congressional District
Julian C. Dixon (D) 78.7%, consultant Elisha Smitty Smith (D) 5.9%, businesswoman Kathy Williamson (R) 12.0% movie techonologist Bob Weber (L) 1.9%, '96 nominee / social worker Rashied Jibri (NL) 1.5%,
33rd Congressional District
Lucille Roybal-Allard (D) 84.9%, government employee / '98 nominee Wayne Miller (R) 11.9%, businessman Nathan Thomas Craddock (L) 1.8%, optometrist Charles William Harpur (NL) 1.4%,
34th Congressional District
Grace Flores Napolitano (D) 69.5%, community activist / student Robert Arthur Canales (R) 24.4%, businesswoman / teacher Julia F. Simon (NL) 6.1%,
35th Congressional District
Maxine Waters (D) 85.7%, business advisor Carl McGill (R) 11.6%, businessman Rick Dunstan (NL) 1.1%, mechanical engineer / '96 / '98 nominee Gordon Michael Mego (A/I) 1.6%,
36th Congressional District
ex-U.S. Rep. Jane Harman (D) 40.7%, businessman James C. Cavuoto (D) 4.3%, relief agency leader Farshad Rastegar (D) 1.6%, Steven T. Kuykendall (R) 42.2%, computer consultant Robert T. "Bob Pegram (R) 8.3%, businessman / '98 nominee John R. Konopka (Rfm) 0.6%, mechanical engineer Daniel R. Sherman (L) 1.8%, software executive Matt Ornati (NL) 0.5%,
37th Congressional District
Juanita Millender-McDonald (D) 82.1% educational consultant Vernon Van (R) 11.0%, aerospace engineer Herbert Peters (L) 3.1%, teacher Margaret Glazer (NL) 3.8%,
38th Congressional District
health care attorney Gerri Schipske (D) 15.1%, '94 / '98 nominee / college professor Peter Mathews (D) 12.1%, teacher Erin Gruwell (D) 14.0%, Constitutional law professor Ken Graham (D) 6.2%, Steve Horn (R) 50.0%, contractor Jack Neglia (L) 1.5%, 29th District '98 nominee / research director Karen Blasdell-Wilkinson (NL) 1.1%,
39th Congressional District
businessman Gil G. Kanel (D) 26.9%, Edward R. Royce (R) 67.5%, engineer Keith D. Gann (L) 2.7%, '98 nominee / professor Ron Jevnings (NL) 2.9%,
40th Congressional District
No Democrat Jerry Lewis (R) 83.6%, Jay Lindberg (L) 7.9%, nurse Frank Schmit (NL) 8.5%,
41st Congressional District
ex-Ontario City Councilman Rodolfo G. "Rudy" Favila (D) 31.9%, Gary G. Miller (R) 58.1%, retired engineer Anthony "Tony" Ma (R) 6.6%, golf course owner / '96 / '98 nominee David F. Kramer (NL) 3.4%,
42nd Congressional District
Joe Baca (D) 56.1%, attorney / '98 / '99 nominee Elia Pirozzi (R) 31.4%, ex-U.S. Rep. Jay Kim (R) 8.1%, '99 nominee police commissioner John "Scott" Ballard (L) 2.3%, businesswoman Gwyn Hartley (NL) 2.1%,
43rd Congressional District
No Democrat Kenneth Calvert (R) 58.3%, Dr. Martin Collen (R) 25.0%, engineer Khalid Jafri (R) 3.5%, businessman Bill Reed (L) 7.7%, civil engineer Nathaniel "Nat" Adam (NL) 5.5%,
44th Congressional District
Palm Springs City Councilman Ron Oden (D) 14.4%, movie producer Jon Gordon (D) 7.1%, attorney Thomas Harney (D) 9.6%, chiropractor Doug Wofford (D) 4.3%, Mary Bono (R) 56.0%, '98 primary candidate / department store owner Bud Mathewson (R) 7.0%, Gene Smith (Rfm) 1.1%, '98 nominee / computer consultant Jim J. Meuer (NL) 0.5%,
45th Congressional District
businessman Ted Crisell (D) 26.5%, Dana Rohrabacher (R) 61.4%, engineer / businessman Long K. Pham (R) 7.2%, '98 nominee / advertising sales representative Don Hull (L) 3.4%, realtor Constance Betton (NL) 1.5%,
46th Congressional District
Loretta Sanchez (D) 57.2%, '98 St. School Superintendent nominee Gloria Matta Tuchman (R) 24.1%, Dr. Howard Garber (R) 14.0%, '92 U.S. Senate nominee / teacher Richard B. Boddie (L) 2.6%, engineer / '98 nominee Larry G. Engwall (NL) 2.1%,
47th Congressional District
professor John Graham (D) 9.5%, litigator Mazier Mafi (D) 4.6%, retired police lieutenant Donald Irvine (D) 8.4%, businessman Jim Keysor (D) 5.1%, Christopher "Chris" Cox (R) 68.8%, ex-national chair / author / inventor David "Dave" Nolan (L) 2.4%, manager Jane "Iris" Adam (NL) 1.2%,
48th Congressional District
former mariner corps officer Peter Kouvelis (D) 11.1%, mortgage broker Richard Maguire (D) 7.2%, businessman Darrell Issa (R) 35.2%, researcher Kim DeBow (R) 1.0%, property manager / son of former Representative Mark Dornan (R) 5.0%, teacher William D. Griffith (R) 2.8%, businessman / ex-deputy sheriff James Luke (R) 1.5%, "country lawyer" / radio host Kevin M. Mahan (R) 0.8%, electrician Edward "Ed" Mayerhofer (R) 0.4%, St. Sen. Bill Morrow (R) 23.4%, ex-U.S. Marine Joe Snyder (R) 4.5%, Dr. Don Udall (R) 2.7%, engineer / teacher Eddie Rose (Rfm) 1.7%, economist / ex-congressonal aide Joe Michael Cobb (L) 1.3%, graphic artist / '96 / '98 nominee Sharon K. Miles (NL) 1.4%,
49th Congressional District
St. Assemblywoman Susan A. Davis (D) 46.0% Brian P. Bilbray (R) 50.6%, Dr. Doris Ball (L) 2.3%, Dr. Tahir I. Bhatti (NL) 1.1%,
50th Congressional District
Bob Filner (D) 67.6%, businessman Bob Devine (R) 20.0%, businessman Alexander J. "Alex" Sorongon (R) 5.9%, retiree James Allen Good (R) 3.2%, scientist David A. "Dave" Willoughby (L) 2.1%, publisher LeeAnn S. Kendall (NL) 1.2%,
51st Congressinal District
office administrator George "Jorge" Barraza (D) 27.3% Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R) 67.4%, perennial candidate / certified financial planner Daniel L. "Dan" Muhe (L) 2.7%, '96 /98 nominee / educator / artist Eric Hunter Bourdette (NL) 2.6%,
52nd Congressional District
professor / attorney Craig Barkacs (D) 25.3% Duncan Hunter (R) 70.7% businessman Michael "Mike" Benoit (L) 3.0%, salesman Robert A. Sherman (NL) 1.0%,
Vice President Al Gore (D) 34.5%, ex-U.S. Senator Bill Bradley (D) 8.5%, perennial candidate Lyndon LaRouche (D) 0.3% Texas Governor George W. Bush (R) 28.3%, U.S. Senator John McCain (R) 23.3%, ex-ambassador Alan Keyes (R) 2.3%, businessman Steve Forbes (R) 0.2%, conservative activist Gary Bauer (R) 0.2%, U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R) 0.1% Conservative Caucus founder Howard Phillips (AI) 0.1%, consumer activist Ralph Nader (G) 1.5%, physician / professor Joel Kovel (G) 0.0%, businessman Harry Browne (L) 0.3%, bus driver David Lynn Hollist (L) 0.0%, L. Neil Smith (L)0.0%, Larry Hines (L) 0.0%, Kip Lee (L) 0.0%, Dr. John Hagelin (NL) 0.0%, businessman Charles Collins (Rfm) 0.0%, businessman Donald J. Trump (Rfm) 0.0%, Veterans for Peace activist Robert Bowman (Rfm) 0.0%, George D. "Boots" Weber (Rfm) 0.2%, ex-U.S. Rep. / '80 independent candidate John B. Anderson (Rfm) 0.0%,

1. Bold indicates incumbent. Yellow district indicates open races. Blue boxes indicates winner. Red print indicates change in party control.

2. Key to Party Identification.
(A/I) = American-Independent Party - Affiliated with the Constitution Party
(D) = Democratic Party
(G) = Green Party
(I) = independent candidates
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NL) = Natural Law Party
(Rfm) = Reform Party
(R) = Republican Party

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