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D.C.'s Political Report

Open Governors Races in 1998
5 Democrats - 7 Republicans
  1. Roy Romer (D-CO) Barred
  2. Lawton Chiles (D-FL) Barred
  3. Zell Miller (D-GA) Barred
  4. Ben Nelson (D-NE) Barred
  5. Bob Miller (D-NV) Barred
  1. Pete Wilson (R-CA) Barred
  2. Phil Batt (R-ID) Retired
  3. Jim Edgar (R-IL) Retired
  4. Terry Branstad (R-IA) Retired
  5. William Weld (R-MA) Resigned
  6. Arne Carlson (R-MN) Retired
  7. George Voinovich (R-OH) elected to Senate

Territorial Governors Races in 1998
1 Democrat - 0 Republican
  1. Marion Berry (D-DC) Retired

Open Senate Races in 1998
1 Democrat - 6 Republicans
  1. Dale Bumpers (D-AR) Retiring
  2. Wendell Ford (D-KY) Retiring
  3. John Glenn (D-OH) Retiring
  1. Dirk Kempthorne (R-ID) elected Gov.
  2. Dan Coats (R-IN) retired

Open House Races in 1998
18 Democrats - 18 Republicans
  1. Vic Fazio (D-CA-3rd) retired
  2. Estaban Torres (D-CA-34th) retired
  3. Jane Harman (D-CA-36th) ran for Gov.
  4. David Skaggs (D-CO-2nd) retired
  5. Barbara Kennelly (D-CT-1st) ran for Gov.
  6. Sidney Yates (D-IL-9th) retired
  7. Glenn Poshard (D-IL-19th) ran for Gov.
  8. Lee Hamilton (D-IN-9th) retired
  9. Scotty Baesler (D-KY-6th) ran for Senate
  10. Joe Kennedy (D-MA-8th) retired
  11. Thomas Manton (D-NY-7th) retired
  12. Chuck Schumer (D-NY-9th) elected Senator
  13. Bill Hefner (D-NC-8th) retired
  14. Louis Stokes (D-OH-11th) retired
  15. Elizabeth Furse (D-OR-1st) retired
  16. Tom Foglietta (D-PA-1st) resigned
  17. Paul McHale (D-PA-15th) retired
  18. Henry Gonzalez (D-TX-20th) retired

  19. ----
  1. Frank Riggs (R-CA-1) ran for Senate
  2. Jay Kim (R-CA-41) lost in primary
  3. Dan Schaefer (R-CO-6th) retired
  4. Mike Crapo (R-ID-2nd) elected Senator
  5. Harris Fawell (R-IL-13th) retired
  6. Jim Bunning (R-KY-4th) elected Senator
  7. Mike Parker (R-MS-4th) ran for Gov.
  8. John Christensen (R-NE-2nd) ran for Gov
  9. John Ensign (R-NV-1st) ran for Senate
  10. Steven Schiff (R-NM-1st) died
  11. Gerald Solomon (R-NY-22nd) retired
  12. Bill Paxon (R-NY-27th) retired
  13. Bob Smith (R-OR-2nd) retired
  14. Joe McDade (R-PA-10th) retired
  15. Bob Inglis (R-SC-4th) ran for Senate
  16. Linda Smith (R-SC-3rd) ran for Senate
  17. Mark Neumann (R-WI-1st) ran for Senate
  18. Scott Klug (R-WI-1st) retired

  19. ----

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