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1996 Results

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D.C.'s Political Report

Open Governors Races in 1996
3 Democrats - 1 Republican
  1. Evan Bayh (D-IN) barred
  2. Mike Lowry (D-WA) retired
  3. Gaston Caperton (D-WV) Barred
  1. Steve Merrill (R-NH) Retired

Open Senate Races in 1996
8 Democrats - 7 Republicans
  1. Howard Heflin (D-AL) Retiring
  2. David Pryor (D-AR) Retiring
  3. Sam Nunn (D-GA) Retiring
  4. Paul Simon (D-IL) Retiring
  5. Bennett Johnston (D-LA) Retiring
  6. Bill Exon (D-NE) Retiring
  7. Bill Bradley (D-NJ) Retiring
  8. Clairence Pell (D-RI) Retiring
  1. Hank Brown (R-CO) retired
  2. Nancy Kassebaum (R-KS) retired
  3. Robert Dole (R-KS) resigned
  4. William Cohen (R-ME) retired
  5. Ron Packwood (R-OR) resigned
  6. Mark Hatfield (R-OR) retired
  7. Alan Simpson (R-WY) retired

Open House Races in 1996
35 Democrats - 23 Republicans
  1. Glen Browder (D-AL-3) defeated in Senate primary
  2. Tom Bevill (D-AL-4) retired
  3. Blanche Lambert-Lincoln (D-AR-1) retired
  4. Ray Thornton (D-AR-2) retired
  5. Norm Mineta (D-CA-15) resigned
  6. Anthony Beilenson (D-CA-24) retired
  7. Walter Tucker (D-CA-37) retired
  8. Pat Schroeder (D-CO-1) retired
  9. Pete Peterson (D-FL-2) retired
  10. Sam Gibbons (D-FL-11) retired
  11. Harry Johnston (D-FL-19) retired
  12. Mel Reynolds (D-IL-2) resigned
  13. Cardiss Collins (D-IL-7) retired
  14. Dick Durbin (D-IL-20) elected to Senate
  15. Andrew Jacobs (D-IN-10) retired
  16. Cleo Fields (D-LA-5) retired
  17. Kweisi Mfume (D-MD-7) resigned
  18. Gerry Studds (D-MA-10) retired
  19. Barbara-Rose Collins (D-MI-15) defeated in primary
  20. Sonny Montgomery (D-MS-3) retired
  21. Pat Williams (D-MT-AL) retired
  22. Bob Torricelli (D-NJ-9) elected to Senate
  23. Charlie Rose (D-NC-7) retired
  24. Bill Brewster (D-OK-3) retired
  25. Ron Wyden (D-OR-3) elected to Senate
  26. Jack Reed (D-RI-2) elected to Senate
  27. Tim Johnson (D-SD-AL) elected to Senate
  28. Harold Ford (D-TN-9) retired
  29. Jim Chapman (D-TX-1) defeated in Senate primary
  30. Charles Wilson (D-TX-2) retired
  31. John Bryant (D-TX-5) defeated in Senate primary
  32. Pete Geren (D-TX-12) retired
  33. Kika de la Garza (D-TX-15) retired
  34. Ronald Coleman (D-TX-16) retired
  35. L.F. Payne (D-VA-5) retired
  1. Tim Hutchinson (R-AR-3) elected to Senate
  2. Carlos Moorhead (R-CA-27) retired
  3. Wayne Allard (R-CO-4) elected to Senate
  4. Edward Pease (R-IN-7) retired
  5. Jim Ross Lightfoot (R-IA-3) ran for Senate
  6. Pat Roberts (R-KS-1) elected to Senate
  7. Sam Brownback (R-KS-2) elected to Senate
  8. Jan Meyers (R-KS-3) retiring
  9. Jimmy Hayes (R-LA-7) lost in Senate primary
  10. Mel Hancock (R-MO-7) retired
  11. Bill Emerson (R-MO-8) died
  12. Barbara Vucanovich (R-NV-2) retired
  13. Bill Zeliff (R-NH-1) lost in Governor primary
  14. Richard Zimmer (R-NJ-12) ran for Senate
  15. Wes Cooley (R-OR-2) retired
  16. Bill Clinger (R-PA-5) retired
  17. Robert Walker (R-PA-16) retired
  18. Jimmy Quillen (R-TN-1) retired
  19. Jack Fields (R-TX-8) retired
  20. Greg Laughlin (R-TX-14) defeated in primary
  21. Enid Greene-Waldholtz (R-UT-2) retired
  22. Steve Gunderson (R-WI-3) retired
  23. Toby Roth (R-WI-8) retired

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