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1994 Results

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D.C.'s Political Report

Open Governors Races in 1994
11 Democrats - 3 Republicans - 2 Independents
  1. Bill Clinton (D-AR) elected President
  2. John Waihee (D-HI) barred
  3. Cecil Andrus (D-ID) barred
  4. Joan Finney (D-KS) retired
  5. William Donald Schaefer (D-MD) barred
  6. David Walters (D-OK) retired
  7. Barbara Roberts (D-OR) retired
  8. Bob Casey (D-PA) barred
  9. Bruce Sundlun (D-RI) defeated in primary
  10. Ned McWherter (D-RI) barred
  11. Mike Sullivan (D-RI) barred, ran for Senate
  1. John McKernan (R-ME) barred
  2. Carroll Campbell (R-SC) barred
  3. Walter Miller (R-SD) defeated in primary

  1. Wally Hickel (Ind-AK) retired
  2. Lowell Weicker (CT-CT) retired

Open Senate Races in 1994
6 Democrats - 3 Republicans
  1. Dennis DeConcini (D-AZ) retired
  2. George Mitchell (D-ME) retired
  3. Don Riegle (D-MI) retired
  4. Howard Metzenbaum (D-OH) retired
  5. David Boren (D-OK) resigned
  6. Harlan Mathews (D-TN) retired
  1. David Durenberger (R-MN) retired
  2. John Danforth (R-MO) retired
  3. Malcolm Wallop (R-WY) retired

Open House Races in 1994
33 Democrats - 21 Republicans
  1. Sam Coppersmith (D-AZ-1) ran for Senate
  2. Don Edwards (D-CA-16) retired
  3. Earl Hutto (D-FL-1) retired
  4. Jim Bacchus (D-FL-15) retired
  5. Roy Rowland (D-GA-8) retired
  6. George Sangmeister (D-IL-11) retired
  7. Phil Sharp (D-IN-2) retired
  8. Jim Slattery (D-KS-2) ran for Governor
  9. William Natcher (D-KY-2) died
  10. Romano Mazzoli (D-KY-3) retired
  11. Tom Andrews (D-ME-1) ran for Senate
  12. Bob Carr (D-MI-8) ran for Senate
  13. Bill Ford (D-MI-13) retired
  14. Tim Penny (D-MN-1) retired
  15. Jamie Whitten (D-MS-1) retired
  16. Alan Wheat (D-MO-5) ran for Senate
  17. Bill Hughes (D-NJ-2) retired
  18. Tim Valentine (D-NC-2) retired
  19. Stephen Neal (D-NC-5) retired
  20. Doug Applegate (D-OH-18) retired
  21. Mike Synar (D-OK-2) defeated in primary and died
  22. Dave McCurdy (D-OK-4) ran for Senate
  23. Glenn English (D-OK-6) resigned
  24. Mike Kopetski (D-OR-5) retired
  25. Lucien Blackwell (D-PA-2) defeated in primary
  26. Austin Murphy (D-PA-20) retired
  27. Butler Derrick (D-SC-3) retired
  28. Marilyn Lloyd (D-TN-3) retired
  29. Jim Cooper (D-TN-4) ran for Senate
  30. J.J. Pickle (D-TX-10) retired
  31. Craig Washington (D-TX-18) defeated in primary
  32. Mike Andrews (D-TX-25) defeated in Senate primary
  33. Al Swift (D-WA-2) retired
  1. John Kyl (R-AZ-4) elected to Senate
  2. Mike Huffington (R-CA-22) ran for Senate
  3. Al McCandless (R-CA-44) retired
  4. Tom Lewis (R-FL-16) retired
  5. Bob Michel (R-IL-18) retired
  6. Fred Grandy (R-IA-5) defeated in Governor Primary
  7. Olympia Snowe (R-ME-2) elected to Senate
  8. Helen Delich Bentley (R-MD-2) defeated in Governor Primary
  9. Paul Henry (R-MI-3) died
  10. Rod Grams (R-MN-6) elected to Senate
  11. Dean Gallo (R-NJ-11) retired
  12. Hamilton Fish (R-NY-19) retired
  13. Alex McMillan (R-NC-9) retired
  14. Jim Inhofe (R-OK-1) elected to Senate
  15. Bob Smith (R-OR-2) retired
  16. Rick Santorum (R-PA-18) elected to Senate
  17. Tom Ridge (R-PA-21) elected Governor
  18. Ron Machtley (R-RI-1) defeated in Governor Primary
  19. Arthur Ravenel (R-SC-1) defeated in Governor Primary
  20. Don Sundquist (R-TN-7) elected Governor
  21. Craig Thomas (R-WY-AL) elected to Senate

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