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1988 Election Results

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Texas Secretary of State - Elections Division
1988 Texas Presidential and Congressional Results
Key to Party Identification
Governor Michael Dukakis (D) Vice President George H. W. Bush (R) ex-U.S. Rep. Ronad E. "Ron" Paul (L), Lenora B. Fulani (NewA), write-in
D.C.'s Political Report's Prediction: Republican,
Lloyd Bentsen (D) U.S. Rep. Beau Boulter (R) Jeff Daiell (L), write in
1st Congressional District
Jim Chapman (D) Horace McQueen (R)
2nd Congressional District
Charles Wilson (D) No Republican Gary W. Nelson (L)
3rd Congressional District
Blake Cowden (D) Steve Bartlett (R)
4th Congressional District
Ralph M. Hall (D) Randy Sutton (R) Melanie A. Dunn (L)
5th Congressional District
John Bryant (D) Lon Williams (R) Kenneth Ashby (L)
6th Congressional District
N. P. "Pat" Kendrick (D) Joe Barton (R)
7th Congressional District
Dianne Richards (D) Bill Archer (R)
8th Congressional District
No Democrat Jack Fields (R)
9th Congressional District
Jack Brooks (D) No Republican
10th Congressional District
J. J. Pickle (D) No Republican Vincent J. May (L),
11th Congressional District
Marvin Leath (D) No Republican Frederick M. King (L)
12th Congressional District
Jim Wright (D) No Republican write-in
13th Congressional District, Beau Boulter (R) running for U.S. Senate
Bill Sarpalius (D) Larry S. Milner (R)
14th Congressional District
Greg Laughlin (D) Mac Sweeney (R) Don Kelley (L)
15th Congressional District
Kika de la Garza (D) No Republican Gloria Joyce Hendrix (L)
16th Congressional District
Ronald R. Coleman (D) No Republican
17th Congressional District
Charles W. Stenholm (D) No Republican
18th Congressional District
Mickey Leland (D) No Republican J. Alejandro Snead (L)
19th Congressional District
Gerald McCathern (D) Larry Combest (R)
20th Congressional District
Henry B. Gonzalez (D) Lee Travino (R) Theresa S. Doyle (L)
21st Congressional District
No Democrat Lamar S. Smith (R) James A. Robinson (L)
22nd Congressional District
Wayne Walker (D) Tom DeLay (R) George Harper (L), write in
23rd Congressional District
Albert G. Bustamante (D) Jerome L. "Jerry" Gonzales (R) Tony R. Garza (L)
24th Congressional District
Martin Frost (D) No Republican Leo Sadovy (L)
25th Congressional District
Michael A. "Mike" Andrews (D) George Leoffler (R) Kevin Southwick (L)
26th Congressional District
Jo Ann Reyes (D) Richard K. "Dick" Armey (R) write in
27th Congressional District
Solomon P. Ortiz (D) No Republican

1. Key to Party Identification.
(D) = Democratic Party
(L) = Libertarian Party
(NewA) = New Alliance Party
(R) = Republican Party
(WI) = Write-in candidates

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