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2010 Wyoming Polls
Primary Polls
Last Updated on October 4, 2010
Race Republican Democrat Others Pollster Dates MoE
Governor Mead 61% Petersen 25% other 5% Rasmussen Reports 9/30/10 4.5%
Mead 58% Petersen 24% other 6% Rasmussen Reports 8/18/10 4.5%
Mead 49% Petersen 22% other 13% Rasmussen Reports 6/22/10 4.5%
Race Republican Democrat Others Pollster Dates MoE
House Lummis 61% Wendt 29% other 2% Rasmussen Reports 9/30/10 4.5%
Lummis 59% Wendt 29% Mason-Dixon 7/26-28/10 3.9%

1. Key to State Political Parties:
(D) = Democratic Party (R) = Republican Party

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